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A look back at the most listened to webcasts in 2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015 9:00 AM | PAAW Administrator (Administrator)

By Joe Covelli, PAAW Executive Director

Producing audio webcasts has proven to be a very successful way for PAAW to deliver news, information and content to those involved in emergency medical services in Wisconsin.  We know this is true because of the numbers we see downloading the content or listening live, plus the many positive comments we receive on a regular basis.  Having your support and listenership is very important to us, it tells us we are doing the right thing and covering the right topics.

I really have been amazed by the response to what we've produced in 2015.  An example of this is the live webcast we did on May 4 with Dr. Eugene Nagel, Randolph Mantooth, and Nancy McFarland.   That one show to-date has been downloaded over 2,800 times.  Wow!  If you have an appreciation for EMS history and the 1970's TV show, EMERGENCY!, then you will definitely enjoy this interview.

Since 2010, we've produced EMS to the Point.  It's a recorded webcast format with one interviewer and a guest.  This past year we added six new interviews to the webcast library.  

In March 2015, we began hosting a live webcast, called Wisconsin EMS Live, that offers interaction between co-hosts, guests and callers.  The webcast name was changed in November to EMS Live in Wisconsin.  Since the beginning, I've been joined on the program by co-hosts Chris Anderson, Patrick Ryan and Dan Williams.  Throughout 2015, we did the webcast live the second Tuesday every month.  Because of interest, and to cover more topics more frequently, we made the decision to host the live webcast twice per month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays, beginning in January.  Our first webcast using the new format is January 12 starting at 9:00 a.m.  We'll be discussing ambulance compliance plans with attorney Wendy Arends.

In 2012 and 2011, I did a couple of interviews - one on EMS Pay, Wages and Volunteers with the Wisconsin Dept. of  Workforce Development, and the other about Wisconsin's new conceal carry gun law and EMS.  I was amazed to see these two webcasts had a number of downloads in 2015, so I included them in the list of highlights too.

As always, please write or call the Association with topics you suggest we include in our 2016 plans.  Thank you for your loyal listenership.

2015 Most Listened to Webcasts

EMS Live in Wisconsin Webcast Top Downloads:

>> Randolph Mantooth and Dr. Eugene Nagel discuss the rise of paramedics

>> Community Paramedicine and Physicians Advisory Committee

>> EMS Controlled Narcotics: Chain of Custody, Diversion, Best Practices

>> CPAP device, CHF patients and high dose nitro outcomes, and PSOW wrap-up

>>  Community Paramedicine Trials in Milwaukee Co., Working Together Conf.

EMS to The Point Webcast Top Downloads:

>> Raising the Bar: A Medical Director's Quality Improvement Initiatives.  Guest:  Dr. Steve Stroman, Medical Director at Eagle III, Oshkosh Fire, DePere Fire and Rescue, and Oconto Falls Area Ambulance

>> Same Tool, Enhanced Use:  Nasal Cannula Apneic Oxygenation.  Guest:  Dr. Mark Westfall, Medical Director for Gold Cross Ambulance - Fox Valley and the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin

>> Finally!  EMS data performance measures.  Guest:  Nick Nudell, EMS Compass Initiative Project Manager, National Association of State EMS Officials

>> Time to Pay Attention to EMT Wage and Labor Laws.  Guest:  Jim Chiolino, Director, Labor Standards Bureau, WI Dept. of Workforce Development (2012)

>> Wisconsin's New Conceal Carry Weapons Law and EMS.  Guest:  Sgt. Kevin Bygd, Dunn County Sheriff's Office (2011)

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