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PAAW is dedicated to healthy, sustainable ambulance and emergency medical service delivery in WIsconsin

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PAAW Member Benefits & Dues

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The Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin advocates for the ambulance industry and emergency medical services (EMS) in Wisconsin.  The organization is only as strong as its members and leaders and their engagement in the process to maintain a healthy, sustainable EMS delivery system in Wisconsin.

PAAW is active in government relations and advocacy for its members and EMS at-large at the State Capitol in Madison and through various  meetings and committee involvement.  PAAW's government relations work is managed by Midwest Strategies in Madison.  PAAW hosts a bi-monthly member call to provide legislative updates.  Board of director meetings are scheduled every other month, to include an annual meeting once per year.

Product purchasing discounts and incentives through Savvik Buying Group typically cover the cost of 12-month member dues.

PAAW is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.

To discuss your new member interests or questions, contact PAAW Administrator Amanda Riordan at


Ambulance Service, Fire Dept. or Group

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Twelve-month dues based on the previous year's ambulance runs entered in the Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System (WARDS).

Member Dues

(based on ambulance runs per year)

  • 0 to 2,500 ($400)
  • 2,501 to 5,000 ($750)
  • 5,001 to 7,500 ($1,000)
  • 7,501 to 10,000 ($1,500)
  • 10,001 to 15,000 ($2,500)
  • 15,001 plus ($6,000)
  • Out-of-State ($400)

*Dues include PAAW-paid access to the Savvik Buying Group, which offers significant discounts on medical supplies, ambulances, software, uniforms, and more.


For Vendors Serving EMS Providers

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12-month dues are $500, and include:

  • Website banner advertisement
  • Business profile on our Business Partner Page
  • Ad placement in the association newsletters throughout the year
  • Opportunity to present (15 minutes) at our Board meetings

Additional add-on opportunities:

  • event & meeting sponsorship opportunities 
  • sponsored emails 
  • sponsored webinars


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12-month dues are $50, and include a one year subscription to EMS World magazine. Approval required to ambulance service and fire department employees to maintain individual membership beyond an introductory year.

Purchasing Discounts to Keep Money in Your Budget

Tired of paying full catalog prices? Savvik Buying Group can help you! Savvik assists PAAW members in providing cost-effective, quality service by negotiating discounted contracts for the following equipment and supplies:

PAAW’s relationship with Savvik Buying Group allows members to purchase quality supplies and equipment at the industry’s best prices. Your involvement is important.  PAAW even pays your annual fee to be a member of Savvik Buying Group!

We encourage you to explore all the Savvik Buying Group contracts, you can SAVE valuable dollars!  For more information, contact

Increasing the Odds of Getting Paid for Ambulance Patient Transports

To the ambulance administrator or person who does patient billing, the aging report is a key measure to cash flow management in running a healthy ambulance service business.  Given tougher than usual economic times, ambulance companies are experiencing an increase in private pay and other circumstances with patient transport bills not getting paid, and for many, the non collection percentage continues to go up.  There is a solution:  Transworld Systems, Inc. 

Recently signed by PAAW as the newest mem
ber benefit in group purchasing, Transworld Systems takes the nightmare out of past due collections.  For flat fee of $10 per patient account, they manage a series of contacts with better than above average results. Bottom line:  It might be better to contact them for $10 before reporting to your board or supervisor the need for approval to write off that $500 or $1,200 patient transport bill.

>> For more information on Transworld's offer for PAAW members.

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