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Assembly votes unanimously to approve Community Paramedicine Bill

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 9:15 AM | PAAW Administrator (Administrator)

State Capitol

Bill now moves to the Senate, to hold public hearing soon.

The Community Paramedicine Bill, >> AB151, received unanimous vote of approval by the full Assembly at the State Capitol on April 4.  Assembly Amendment 1 was adopted and passed.  >> Review Community Paramedicine Bill -
Assembly Amendment 1.

During the Assembly's Committee on Health public hearing on March 22, Dana Sechler, EMS director at the Baraboo District Ambulance Service, said "Community EMS fills the "gaps or voids where there is a need.  Their efforts can help hospitals avoid penalties for re-admissions". 

Captain Michael Wright of the Milwaukee Fire Department shared with members of the Assembly's Committee on Health that he helped develop the city's community paramedic program three years ago.  The department, which has about 30 trained paramedics, focuses not only on preventing re-admissions, but also to help those who frequent emergency rooms for their healthc
are. The program is funded by the city of Milwaukee.   He said the program was needed because "there's so many gaps."
Captain Wright, photo insert, stated during the public hearing, "For eighteen years, I've been responding to people and knowing that they needed more. They weren't getting it from the hospitals, they weren't getting it from the doctors. They couldn't get it from us because we don't have time. The program helps provide that care, he said".

According to PAAW Lobbyist Michael Brozek, "This is a very, very fast tracked piece of legislation...unusually fast."

Minnesota Ambulance Association Lobbyist Buck McAlpin also shared on news about the Assembly's vote, "Very few states have formalized this
(Community Paramedicine) into law - a very nice win."  McAlpin was instrumental in Minnesota passing Community Paramedicine legislation in 2011.

Now, the bill heads to the Senate.  The companion bill in the Senate is known as >> SB149 It was read for the first time before the full Senate on March 29, and then referred to the Committee on Health and Human Services for a public hearing.

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