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PAAW is dedicated to healthy, sustainable ambulance and emergency medical service delivery in WIsconsin

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Department Ride Alongs

PAAW members offer the opportunity to see their departments in action from the inside!  Come work a shift and ride along side-by-side with the crew members for the day to add another element of professional knowledge and experience.  Best of all, take the opportunity to exchange information, practice with new or different equipment, discuss operations and protocols and see EMS delivery from another perspective.  Network, network, network with others - and have fun meeting other medical and public safety professionals and talking shop!

Use our search feature below by clicking "yes" under "Offer Department Ride Alongs with Crew" or manually scan the list to see which PAAW service members provide ride along opportunities.  Ride along dates and times are managed by each respective department directly and subject to restrictions.  Arrangements must be made in advance.   

Have an interest in doing a ride along?  Contact the PAAW member organization directly regarding your interests.  Start by clicking the name of the organization you wish to contact and then click "send a message" to e-mail the primary person associated with each department.

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