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PAAW is dedicated to healthy, sustainable ambulance and emergency medical service delivery in WIsconsin

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Hinckley Medical

OneWeight - The first-ever universal patient scale for ambulance gurneys.


Each year in the US, pre-hospital medical errors contribute to:

1 million+ adverse events

50,000 preventable patient deaths

1 in 3 pediatric patients experience an incorrect dosage of medication outside of the critical range 


Our Mission:

Eliminate adverse outcomes due to preventable medication errors

Reduce cognitive errors in emergency situations

Improve patient outcomes, specifically in pediatric and trauma care

Notify hospitals of critical patient data prior to arrival

Save EMS providers time in critical moments



Supply the first-ever patient scale for ambulance gurneys

Attach seamlessly to existing gurneys

Provide accurate weight measurement of patient to EMS providers while in the field

Streamline accurate and effective dosage calculations with our OneDose application

OneWeight PWS-100B

Interested in learning more about our product?

Contact Us:

PO Box 96503 #72319
Washington, DC 20090-6503

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