REPLICA is the Way Forward for Interstate Licensing

March 18, 2015 - 20 minutes and 10 seconds
Guest:  Dia Gainor, Executive Director, National Association of State EMS Officials

The past two years the National Association of State EMS Officials, National Association of EMS Physicians, and other industry leading organizations and experts have been working on an interstate compact for states’ consideration and enactment of REPLICA.  REPLICA stands for “Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct”. 

Compacts are not a new idea.  They solve the pervasive dilemma of providing appropriately credentialed individuals from other states the legal ability to practice under specified conditions, introduce unprecedented accountability related to those personnel, and create means of information sharing among states that have never existed before.  In order to become a member of REPLICA, Wisconsin must introduce legislation, enact it without any substantial changes, and the Governor must sign it into law.  The Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin is committed to leading an effort to bring REPLICA to Wisconsin, because of its many, many benefits for ambulance services, especially those that transport patients into or border other states.

In this conversation, we’ll discuss with the National Association of State EMS Officials Executive Director Dia Gainor the advantages to you as a patient care provider, your ambulance service and the state.

On another topic, healthcare is moving more towards performance based measures, and with EMS having a part in healthcare delivery, NASEMSO and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration will be working the next 18 months to develop a set of EMS performance standards.  We’ll cover that topic with Dia as well.  Listen to EMS to the Point.

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