Eric brunette, paramedic, Bell Ambulance

Eric has been a member of Bell Ambulance, Inc. since November of 2016.  Eric came to Bell Ambulance as a seasoned provider, and has continued to grow his career.  Eric has been a dedicated and extremely reliable employee, and shares his knowledge with those working around him. 

On December 13, 2022, Eric and his partner were returning from a call when they witnessed a fireball in the street ahead of them.  That fireball was a City of Milwaukee DPW truck that burst into flames when the driver had a medical emergency and slammed into stopped traffic at an intersection.  The resulting crash would claim 3 lives and injure over a dozen people.  Eric and his partner immediately stopped to assist and due to their proximity to the incident when it happened, were the first on scene and for several minutes were the only first responders on scene.  Eric and his partner quickly called in the accident to dispatch, and got out to help. 

Both Eric and his partner began to rapidly remove people from their vehicles as the flames around them grew more intense.  After extricating a young female, which his partner started to attend to, Eric single handedly pulled an elderly gentleman from his car before the car was engulfed in flames.  Even after clearing the cars, Eric returned to assist his partner and an off-duty firefighter in attempting life-saving measures to the female that was pulled from her vehicle. 

Both crew members understood the dangers involved in their actions this day, but put their fears aside to help those in need.  We’re happy to award Eric with a PAAW Star of Life for his courageous actions this day. 

Congratulations, Eric!

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