Sam Sye, Fleet & Facilities Manager, Tri-State Ambulance

Sam has been the fleet and facilities manager for Tri-State Ambulance for nearly 15 years. His vast knowledge of ambulance maintenance and repair has contributed greatly to a reliable and efficient fleet of ambulances and support vehicles. Up until this year, Sam has maintained the entire fleet shop including all vehicle repairs on a fleet of 30 vehicles by himself. His work includes everything from simple preventive maintenance to complete engine overhauls and even body work thanks to our numerous deer strikes every year. In addition to maintaining the fleet, say I'm overseas facility maintenance of our eight locations. To set Sam apart even further, he is a licensed EMT and on occasion is more than happy to jump on an ambulance in times of extreme volume.

Some quotes from his peers who have nominated him:

“Sam has been with the company for over 10 years. He's our fleet manager as well as an EMT. Throughout his time here, he's poured his everything into the company/fleet/patient care. Sam has taken ownership of his role and is committed to the mission of the company. He is virtually never unreachable. Any hour, any concerns, he's available. He does fantastic work and goes out of his way to help others within the company. Even on his off days. As an EMT, Sam provides excellent patient care and has a level of tenacity that few possess.

Given what Sam has put into the company, he is an obvious choice to represent us at the Wisconsin Stars of Life celebration.”

“I am nominating Sam for the Star of Life because Sam goes above and beyond for everyone at Tri State and Gundersen Ambulance. Without Sam's hard work and dedication to both companies, we would not be able to drive down the road. Sam takes great pride in what he does and keeps everything running smoothly. There is not a time that we do not have enough trucks or equipment to get our jobs done. Because of Sam's hard work and dedication, everyone in the communities are safer and every employee that are on the road remain safe due to his hard work. Even during his busy schedule, when we get busy on the streets with multiple calls, he will make a truck with someone at the ROCC and help crews that way.”

Congratulations, Sam!
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