Trevor Rangel, emt, bell ambulance

Trevor has been a member of Bell Ambulance, Inc. since May of 2022.  Trevor started his career as a student with Bell Ambulance as a cadet.  Through the Bell Ambulance cadet program Trevor earned his EMT license and immediately began working in his new career. 

Trevor was a high level student showing his understanding of the concepts he would soon use.  Trevor has a welcoming demeanor and a go with the flow attitude that allows him to work seamlessly with his partners. 

These traits served him well during a significant car crash that his crew came upon unexpectedly this summer.  On an expressway they found a scene with more than one patient out of vehicles on the ground who suffered major injuries.  Trevor jumped into action with the other members of his crew to render care to those in need.  His training in traumatic injuries were put to good use as he performed every reasonable treatment to provide the best outcomes for those patients. 

For all these reasons Trevor is being recognized as a PAAW Star of Life on behalf of Bell Ambulance.

Congratulations, Trevor!

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