Rebeca Juarez, EMT, Bell Ambulance

Rebeca has been a member of Bell Ambulance, Inc. since October of 2022.  Rebeca came to Bell as a very experienced EMT.  Since starting with Bell, Rebeca has been nothing short or an excellent employee. 

Rebeca was still pretty new to Bell Ambulance in December of 2022.  She and her partner Eric were returning from a call when they witnessed a fiery car wreck.  Rebeca pulled the ambulance up to the scene and sprinted into action.  Both Rebeca and her partner began pulling victims from vehicles as the flames grew larger.  Rebeca pulled a female from a vehicle and noticed the extent of her injuries.  Rebeca started and performed CPR, by herself, for several minutes while her partner pulled additional people from vehicles.  Eventually an off-duty firefighter came to her aid to assist in attempting life saving measures.  Even when the local fire departments arrived, there were so many victims that Rebeca and her partner Eric were left to continue CPR alone with the help of bystanders.  The crew eventually transported to the Trauma Center where the patient was ultimately pronounced dead, however, it wasn’t for the lack of fast and aggressive care.  The crew did all they could to save the victims life, performing CPR for over 10 minutes, alone, just feet from burning vehicles.

Rebeca put herself in harm's way for the sake of others.  Her and her partners actions that day were nothing short of heroic.  That is why we are happy to award Rebeca Juarez with a PAAW Star of Life awad!

Congratulations, Rebecca!

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