Lieutenant and Paramedic Zach Zimmer went to the 2021 Waukesha Christmas Parade excited to take in this annual tradition with his wife Cheryl and daughter Zoey.

During the parade this joyous event turned into tragedy.  Zach’s training and instincts kicked in.  He got his family into the safety of an adjacent store and then went back into the streets to help the injured.  Zach is humble and has shied away from recognition as he felt that this is his career and he did what he does.  Zach feels that the ones who did not have any training and were out there helping are the ones who should be recognized.  It takes all kinds of individuals to create a strong community; from those with the training and experience assisting those that just want to help. We certainly believe that Lieutenant Zimmer’s actions that day should be recognized as he helped, comforted and inspired others.

Thank you Lieutenant Zimmer for your actions that day and the service you provide to our community, every day.  On duty as well as off.

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