Greg Rudoll has been a part of Bell Ambulance since May 2017.

Greg has held all of the street positions that an EMT can hold at Bell. From EMT, to Crew Chief, FTO and now Supervisor since 2019. In 2022 Greg stepped into a new role as a Supervisor and now spends his time in an SUV helping watch over the shift.  Greg spends his shifts tending to employee needs as well as responding alongside the ambulances on various different responses to assist.  In May of 2022 There were multiple shootings in the downtown 911 response area that Bell covers. Due to the unknown size of the incident and the multiple ambulance response from Bell, Greg was one of the first on Scene once requested to be in command for Bell Ambulance. Greg was able to work well with incident command and direct the multiple ambulances to the areas needed for patient care and transport. This led to a fast and efficient transport of multiple people from a hectic scene.

For this incident as well as the great guidance Greg provides while on shift we want to recognize him as another PAAW star on behalf of Bell Ambulance.

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