Quentin Nation has been part of Bell Ambulance since March of 2021.

Quentin came to Bell looking to gain EMS experience and work hard. In his time here Quentin has gone above and beyond to help as much as he can in any way possible. In November of 2021 Quentin was one of the first employees to work on a joint staffed ambulance with the Milwaukee Fire Department 911 service. Since then, Quentin has worked 24 hour shifts servicing a large portion of Milwaukee and the need for 911. Since December of 2021, on top of giving great care to those in need, Quentin was part of a crew responsible for three successful and healthy newborn baby deliveries. Quentin was also noticed by the Mayor of Milwaukee for his service to the City and delivering these babies.

For these reasons and many more this is why Quentin is being recognized as one of the PAAW stars on behalf of Bell Ambulance.

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