Rich has worked in EMS for 17+ years as a Paramedic. Rich is a kind, generous and hard working. Each day he comes into work with an optimistic attitude and ready for whatever the day has in store. His positive energy is absorbed by those who work with him, and the patients he cares for.

Rich is a leader without the title; before Rich was a preceptor, he would take newer paramedics/EMT’s and give them the confidence to grow and learn by helping with skills, and general knowledge. Rich works hard and is extremely patient with newer people. Rich will go out of his way to teach a skill or help you learn a more efficient way of doing things. He helps others grow, while also continuing to learn new things himself. Rich says, he just loves to share his knowledge with others if he can. He demonstrates what it means to be a team player and promotes a team atmosphere. Rich is caring and compassionate and a wonderful, experienced Medic. Rich is an amazing asset to the Tri-State Ambulance, Inc. team and is exactly what the Star of Life was created for.

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