Brian English holds an official title at Ryan Brothers of IT Director, but those who work with Brian know how much more he means to our family.  He is the first into the office every day and one of the last to leave. Being an IT director for an EMS organization requires a 24/7 commitment and Brian never hesitates to answer his phone during late night HELP calls.  Despite Brian not holding an EMS license, he has dedicated himself to know every aspect of how an ambulance transport happens from beginning to end.  In addition to IT Director, he is responsible for managing EMS employees, project management of several new initiatives, all IT related equipment, network infrastructure, and can and will do almost any administrative task. Brian has been integral in the creation of our proprietary web portal that allows for seamless data integration and workflow processes.  Most importantly, Brian is the light spot in every room offering his jovial demeanor, movie quotes, and lightning wit to anyone who needs cheering up!

In his spare time, Brian is well known for always being there to help a friend and enjoying wind therapy on his Harley with his friends while getting a "sunglass tan" in every corner of the country. He loves golf and being an amazing Uncle to Carter and Owen.  We are proud to nominate Brian as a Star of Life, we are grateful for his desire to always go above and beyond and his legendary customer service, we could not do this without you. 

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