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ACTIVE SHOOTER:  Preparation and Training for Emergency Responders

August 5, 2014 - Run Time 16 minutes: 24 seconds

Lt. James Mac Gillis, City of Milwaukee Police Dept.

Captain Michael Wright, Tactical EMS Director, City of Milwaukee Fire Dept.

Everyday there’s an active shooter incident somewhere in the United States. Unfortunately, these types of events are happening more and more frequently.  The strategies to deal with them continue to be studied and practiced.  The collaboration between police, fire and EMS continues to grow stronger.  Just like responding to hazmat, domestic violence or unsecured scenes, an active shooter incident requires preparation and training.

The City of Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments recently combined forces to run 1,800 personnel through active shooter training. 

The concepts, ideas and tactics from this training are being offered to all emergency responders throughout the state through the Active Shooter Conference, September 26 and 27, sponsored by the City of Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments.

In this webcast meet Lt. James Mac Gillis and Captain Michael Wright.  Learn from them and their experiences to get ideas on how to start an active shooter or tactical EMS response team, and find out more about their plans with the upcoming Active Shooter Conference.

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