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Is Mobile Integrated Healthcare the answer to EMS' future?

June 3, 2014 - Run Time 22m:17sec
Guest:  Scott Cravens, Group Publisher, EMS World

When you look at EMS as a delivery model, it has mostly been "reactive" to a page, alert or phone call.  There's some new drivers changing EMS, and I don't mean ambulance drivers.

What I'm referring to is EMS is transforming from being "reactive" care to "proactive" care.  And while we'll always have reactive care with 911, proactive care is beginning to emerge.  Proactive care is more about scheduled visits by EMS professionals to provide health checkups on someone recently discharged from the hospital or monitoring vital signs, nutrition, medications and more. 

The driver can somewhat be attributed to the Affordable Care Act, and for hospitals and other healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes or suffer penalties for their re-admission.

Like Community Paramedicine, Mobile Integrated Health Care, or MIH as it is commonly referred, is a new delivery method we are hearing more about in EMS.  What is MIH?  How does it differ from Community Paramedicine?  Is MIH to be EMS' future much like the emergence of paramedics back in the 1970s?

The producers of EMS World believe MIH will be a big part of EMS' future.  So much so that this past April they debuted their new magazine titled, "Integrated Healthcare Delivery".

No one will disagree that the best EMS delivery model is the one that's right for your community, but as EMS leaders and participants we must take responsibility in how the system is designed and functions day-to-day, while also keeping a watchful eye looking forward, planning our next step.  There is a lot of community responsibility and trust that comes with this. 

This webcast is all about Mobile Integrated Healthcare, what it is and how it might be right for your community's ambulance service and healthcare system.  Helping us take that step forward and understand it better is Scott Cravens, Group Publisher at EMS World.  He has the connections and knowledge about MIH. 

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