Weekly EMS Pharmaceutical Backorder Report

With the ongoing delay in receiving pharmaceutical products and lack of sufficient supply for ambulance services with key products, this weekly report is provided as a courtesy of Bound Tree Medical (that includes information for EMP as well).  The report is based on manufacturer information and estimates, and does not represent a guarantee of fulfillment (information subject to change).  The report is updated every Monday and posted to the PAAW website on Tuesday.

Weekly EMS Pharmaceutical & IV Fluids Backorder Report:

>> Click for the most recent backorder report.

Audio Webcasts Dedicated to EMS Drug Shortage

>> Part 1 - Stacey Barksdale Price, Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager, Bound Tree Medical

>> Part 2 - Fred Hornby, ALS Coordinator (Paramedic), State of Wisconsin EMS Office

>> Part 3 - Dr. Charles Cady, State of Wisconsin EMS Medical Director

Resources to Consult

June 28, 2012
>> Senate Passes Language on Drug Shortage Issue

May 24, 2012
>> EMSAC Rep Degette - Drug Shortages News Release.pdf

April 14, 2012
>> NAEMT National Survey to EMS on Drug Shortage and Its Impact on Delivering Patient Care

April 9, 2012
>>Southern Nevada Drug Shortage Plan

March 15, 2012
>> NIAFC Position Statement National Drug Shortage

February 24, 2012
>> Drugs For Emergencies are in Critical Shortage

February 23, 2012
>> National EMS Drug Shortage Increases

December 15, 2011
U.S Government Accountability Office (GAO)
>> Drug Shortages:  FDAs Ability to Respond Should Be Strengthened

Drug Manufacturer Correspondence
d more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/02/24/3761507/drugs-for-emergencies-are-in-critical.html#tvg#storylink=cpy

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