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CPR Adjunct Devices and New Research Findings that will Surprise You!

December 16, 2015 -  24 minutes and 02 seconds
Guest:  Dr. Joseph Holley, CPR Expert, EMS Medical Director State of Tennessee and Memphis Fire Dept.

In your EMS work or career have you ever come across something that goes against common sense or reason?  Or maybe when you thought the care you were providing couldn’t be improved because “Well, how can you improve on something that has been improved so many times before”.  At some point doesn’t improving something reach its natural end of improving anymore?

Well, meet Dr. Joseph Holley, an expert in CPR resuscitation.  Dr. Holley is the EMS Medical Director for the State of Tennessee and EMS Medical Director at Memphis Fire Dept. 

If you are like me, and thought the mechanics, adjuncts, and delivery to CPR couldn’t be improved much more after all the other improvements we have seen over the years, well, think again.

I know you’ll enjoy this webcast as much as I did as we discuss Intrathoracic Pressure Regulation (IPR), the new ResQPUMP™as a CPR adjunct device, and the biggest, most shocking revelation in positioning the patient that is discussed near the middle of the webcast that goes against what I considered common sense to improve CPR and cardiac event recovery rates.  When you hear Dr. Holley’s explanation – well, you’ll get it too.

Thank you to my good friend Charlotte Norton, who is Senior Marketing Communications Manager at ZOLL Medical Corporation, for getting me in touch with Dr. Holley.

Additional Resources

>> City of Memphis EMS Medical Director Dr. Joseph Holley
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>> ResQCPR System to include ResQPOD and ResQPUMP™

DISCLAIMER:  The ResQCPR System is intended for use as a CPR adjunct to improve the likelihood of survival in adult patients with non-traumatic cardiac arrest. Risk information: Improper use of the ResQCPR System could cause ineffective chest compressions and decompressions, leading to suboptimal circulation during CPR and possible serious injury to the patient. The ResQCPR System should only be used by personnel who have been trained in its use. The ResQPUMP should not be used on patients who have had a recent sternotomy as this may potentially cause serious injury. Improper positioning of the ResQPUMP suction cup may result in possible injury to the rib cage and/or internal organs, and may also result in suboptimal circulation during ACD-CPR. Pre-clinical studies may be indicative of clinical outcomes.

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