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Community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare concepts and operating models are gaining momentum throughout Wisconsin. There are three primary reasons for this.  One, there is a Federal healthcare incentive to move toward performance based outcomes for hospitals, and for hospitals to lower readmission rates through  improved out-of-hospital patient care services and in-home monitoring.  Two, the need to take stress off the hospital emergency departments and 911 systems by frequent users, and to help these frequent users identify other means for treatment or getting their questions answered.  Three, serve as a 24/7 resource to home health agencies.

As the process evolves, this webpage is dedicated to serving as a central point for information and as a historical archive.  Comments or content can be emailed to the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin at

Community Paramedicine Listserv

The Wisconsin Office of Rural Health created a listserv to provide a forum for those interested in community paramedicine (aka mobile integrated healthcare) programs to exchange ideas and to ask questions of each other about this new area of healthcare. Anyone with an interest in the field is encouraged to subscribe—EMS and hospital staff, local and state government, community college and other trainers, or those interested in learning more from those developing and implementing programs around the State.

To subscribe to the Community Paramedicine listserv, navigate to: and enter your name and email address.  Have a question about the listserv?  Contact Kevin Jacobson with the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health at email

Recent posts to the listserv, which are of significance or historical value, have been copied below and placed in three primary topics, to include:  Curriculum, Training and Legislation.

Regular Community Paramedicine Conference Calls

On a regular basis there is a conference call dedicated to discussing community paramedicine, the latest information shaping the process, and making future plans, recommendations, and decisions. The conference call is open to anyone interested.  It is moderated by PAAW President Patrick Ryan.  To contact Patrick, email

Join the next conference call by either dialing in or listening on any internet connected device.  Each conference call is recorded, so simply look below for the direct link by date for on-demand playback.

Conference call dial-in number


You will hear "Blog Talk Radio" after dialing in.  There is a 50 caller limit, but unlimited internet access (see below).

The conference call starts at 9:00 a.m. central time on the dates listed to below. 

Upcoming conference calls

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Listen live on the internet or any previous conference call on-demand

Click the date hyperlink below to start the audio player (for both listening live or previous call on-demand).  You will be redirected to Blog Talk Radio.

Podcasts and Media Coverage

Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin Podcasts

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>> Community paramedicine expanding at Milwaukee Fire Dept., June 14, 2016 - 40 minutes and 28 seconds, Guests:  Milwaukee Fire Dept. Captain Michael Wright with the Milwaukee Fire Department, Hayat Pharmacies Interim President Ibrahim Massalha and Children's Community Health Plan Director of Clinical Services Lynn Kryfke.

>> Fire Service Identifies with Community Paramedicine/MIH, November 6, 2015 - 31 minutes and 17 seconds, Guest:  Robert Whitaker, Fire Chief, North Shore Fire Rescue, Brown Deer, WI

>> How to Get There:  Defining Community Paramedicine for Today and Tomorrow, June 1, 2015 - 31 minutes and 40 seconds, Guest:  Gary Wingrove, Director of Strategic Affairs, Gold Cross Ambulance, affiliated with Mayo Clinic Medical Transport, Rochester, MN

>> Community Paramedicine:  The Minnesota ModelApril 7, 2015 - Run Time 40:00, Guests:  Minnesota's Buck McAlpin, Ryan Brothers President Patrick Ryan, Milwaukee Fire Dept. Captain Michael Wright

>> Community Paramedicine IntroductionMarch 10, 2015 - Run Time 40:00, Guests:  Wisconsin EMS Advisory Board Chairman Jerry Biggart and West Allis Fire Dept Captain David Bandomir

>> Community Paramedics:  An Emerging EMS Delivery Model in the U.S.June 2, 2011 - Run Time 17:00, Guest:  Gary Wingrove, Government Relations & Strategic Affairs, Mayo Clinic Medical Transportation

Media Coverage

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To contribute content, email

>> Wisconsin 911 Frequent Caller Program Shows Success, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, October 12, 2015

>> New concept for the Milwaukee Fire Dept:  Paramedics treating patients before they call 911, Fox 6 News, Milwaukee, WI, September 28, 2015

>> Hospital Affiliations Vital to Community Paramedics Programs, HealthLeaders, September 8, 2015

>> California Fire Dept. brings nurses to Mobile Integrated Healthcare, EMS World, August 21, 2015

>> First community paramedic clinic in Wisconsin opens in Madison, more still to come, WKOW-TV, Madison, WI, August 20, 2015

>> Community paramedics catching on in the Madison area, Wisconsin State Journal, July 12, 2015

>> Paramedic units to reach out to repeat emergency callers, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 29, 2015

>> Madison ambulance company bringing community paramedics to Wisconsin, WKOW-TV, Madison, WI, April 8, 2015

>> Mobile Healthcare: West Allis Fire Dept. making home visits, CBS 58 TV, Milwaukee, WI, February 16, 2015

>> Milwaukee County fire departments looking to make a healthcare change, CBS 58 TV, Milwaukee, WI, February 9, 2015

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