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Wisconsin EMS Office Memos for First Responder and Cross Border Mutual Aid, Coming Soon:  Ops Plan Online Submission Process

March 16, 2016 -  19 minutes and 39 seconds
Guest:  James Newlun, EMS Director, State of Wisconsin

Last year was a busy year for EMS at the state capitol with three bills passing the Senate and Assembly and ultimately being signed into law by Governor Scott Walker.  New laws that quickly come to mind include the Tax Refund Interception Program (TRIP), which was spearheaded by PAAW, as well as laws allowing First Responders to operate as one member of a two-person legal ambulance crew, and cross border mutual aid and coverage agreements.

In July 2015 James Newlun took the helm as State of Wisconsin EMS Director. 

James oversees the state’s EMS Office, which is truly the nerve center for anything and everything EMS.  There are a lot of moving parts that include review of operation plans, event plan approvals and individual, provider and training center licensing requests and renewals.  Wisconsin is a large and robust statewide EMS delivery system that includes over 800 ambulance services and first responder groups and 22,000 licensed individuals.

Recently, PAAW Executive Director Joe Covelli had the opportunity to discuss with James two memos his office released in January about First Responders and mutual aid and coverage agreements.  He’s also working to streamline the way ambulance operation plan changes are submitted to the state.  Once launched in the coming months, the new approach will avoid delays and just be more efficient. 

Additional Resources

>> EMS Numbered Memo 16-01 describes how a service can add
First Responders to function as a member of a legal crew for the service.

>> EMS Numbered Memo 16-02 explains the difference between Mutual Aid and Coverage Agreements. Each has its specific purpose and one should not be used for both situations.

>> State EMS Office Staff Contact Directory

>> State of Wisconsin EMS Office Website

>> Webcast interview with State EMS Office Licensing Coordinator Helen Pullen on the
 licensing renewal process and deadline of June 30, 2016

Helpful Checklists

>> Wisconsin Scope of Practice
>> Medication List

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