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DHS Issues Medicaid Policy Change Following PAAW Effort
June 29, 2012 - Run Time 15:42
Guest:  Patrick Ryan, President, Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin

Roughly eighteen months ago a company called LogistiCare came into the EMS mix in Wisconsin as the State’s Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus transportation broker.  If a patient needed non-emergency medical transportation, for example, to a clinic appointment or return trip from the hospital, LogistiCare coordinated it under contracts with individual companies for taxi, wheelchair or stretcher van, and ambulance.  Things got off to a bumpy start in July 2011.  Since then less than five ambulance services in Wisconsin have signed up with LogistiCare as a contracted provider.

During the past several months the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin has championed high-level meetings with the Dept. of Health, Governor’s Office and Wisconsin Hospital Association to force the issue, gain further clarification and point out shortcomings with the broker model and its adverse impact on Wisconsin’s ambulance providers.  Many ambulance companies have continued to provide non-emergency transportation from their local hospital and elsewhere to Wisconsin’s Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus beneficiaries only to find out the run won’t be paid because they were non-contracted with LogistiCare.

Recently, the Wisconsin Department of Health has announced a policy change that is a bit more favorable to ambulance providers, and most importantly keeps intact the requesting facility and ambulance company relationship without third party intervention to request a call for service.

If your ambulance company is non-contracted with LogistiCare, like so many are, now presents an opportunity to revisit this decision. 

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