Aaron Carpenter, EMT, Bell Ambulance

Aaron Carpenter has been a member of Bell Ambulance, Inc. since September of 2022.  Aaron also started as a student enrolled in the cadet program, working hard, and earning himself an EMT license.

As a newly licensed EMT Aaron jumped right in and got to work.  Aaron is a hard worker and wanted to use his new skills as much as possible.  He is always willing to come in and help out and spend time doing what he loves when he’s not building cars. 

On one of those shifts he happened to be part of a crew that arrived at a scene they were not expecting.  Without even having been dispatched on the call they came upon a chaotic scene on the expressway with multiple patients.  He and the rest of his crew jumped in to provide care to multiple badly wounded individuals that required rapid care and transport.  They performed their skills to the very best of their training and did exactly what was needed to set up those patients for positive outcomes at the hospital.  For all these reasons Aaron is being recognized as a PAAW Star of Life on behalf of Bell Ambulance.

Congratulations, Aaron!

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