Mayo Clinic Ambulance is honored to be represented by Becca Berrum, Community Paramedic, as a 2022 Wisconsin EMS Star of Life.

Becca began her career at Mayo Clinic in 2015 and has held a variety of roles during her tenure. Becca is known as someone with initiative, from furthering her education, learning new skills to care for patients to taking responsibility to get things done around the ambulance station. “Her heart is really in Community Paramedicine, but she also looks longitudinally at a patient’s journey in their care,” says Mayo Clinic Ambulance Operations Manager, Brian Murley. “It’s not just, ‘I want to fix them now, but what can I do to improve their life and reduce the number of times they have to come back for care.’” This above and beyond approach to her patients is also grounded in the Mayo Clinic’s Values: respect, integrity, compassion, teamwork, innovation, excellence and stewardship. “You can look at every one of those values and connect it to a direct-action Becca takes in her work with her patients and her coworkers,” Murley says. Becca is a continuous advocate for her patients, ensuring they get the best care possible, when they need it. She also participates in developing better processes, not because they impact her work, but rather for the whole team and the way it benefits patients. The three shield symbols of the Mayo Clinic logo represent patient care, medical education and research. Becca proudly participates in all three of these disciplines. “We have a lot of people who go above and beyond around here in a single lane, but Becca does this across the platform at Mayo Clinic Ambulance,” Murley says. “She doesn’t go above and beyond for accolades; she gets satisfaction from doing her job well and for the way it benefits patients.” Becca received her Community Paramedic education at Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences and holds a degree in Healthcare Administration with an emphasis in Patient Safety and Quality from Southern New Hampshire University.

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